About Us


“Closer to our customers”
From such thoughts
SING was born

Founding members of SING Corp
In Kurume, the town of rubber,
We have been manufacturing synthetic rubber industrial parts.
We pride ourselves on being second to none when it comes to rubber
Reliable technical capabilities from many customers
I have received support.

In 2011, to meet the needs of the times to come
In order to respond even more, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility etc.
Features different from synthetic rubber
Dedicated factory for silicone rubber
It was launched for the first time in Kyushu.

Life-related products, medical and welfare fields, etc.
Customers can use it with peace of mind
It is a material with potential.

SING Co., Ltd.
Technology cultivated over many years of manufacturing industrial rubber parts
Utilizing knowledge and experience,
By specializing in silicone rubber,
We can meet your needs
provide service.

About Us

trade name
Eiji Nakano
Business content
・Design, manufacturing, and sales of silicone rubber (medical, physical and chemical research, electronics, industrial equipment, food, energy)
・Planning, design, production and sales of in-house silicone rubber products
・Joint development, design proposal and OEM production of silicone rubber products
・Sales of various synthetic rubber molded products and processed products
May 12, 2011
■ Headquarters
768-2 Daizenjicho Miyamoto, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture 830-0073

■ Dazaifu Office
636 Yama, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 818-0115
member organizations
・Kurume Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Dazaifu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Fukuoka Industrial Design Association
Main bank
Bank of Fukuoka
contact address
■ Headquarters
TEL/FAX 0942-48-0116

■ Dazaifu Office
TEL 092-555-2338
FAX 092-555-2358
Daiyu Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.


Car: About 16 minutes by car from Dazaifu Interchange
Bus: About 20 minutes on foot from Hara Eigyosho-mae


  • Established SING Corp
  • Introduced one silicone rubber kneader
  • Introduced one silicone rubber molding machine
  • Received the Fukuoka Industrial Design Award for "ON THE TOPS"
  • Innovation Japan 2013 (Tokyo Big Sight) Kurume National College of Technology entry decision
  • Selected for 2013 Venture Business Development Support Project
  • Increased capital to 4.7 million yen
  • Introduced 1 punching machine (clicker)
  • Received the Fukuoka Design Award Silver Award for Kakerunger
  • Factory moved to Dazaifu City
  • Received the Fukuoka Design Award Gold Award at cafeSi PUDDING
  • Received the Fukuoka Design Award Silver Award for the Tabby series.
  • Received the Fukuoka Design Award Silver Award for GYUTTA
  • Received the silver prize at the Fukuoka Design Award for pen musubi
  • Introduced an inkjet printer for the Kurume City Monodzukuri Support Project
  • Directly managed store refurbishment FACTORY newly established with business restructuring subsidy
  • Introduced 2 molding machines and 1 kneading machine