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What is silicone rubber?

Silicone rubber products such as kitchen utensils and stationery have become an integral part of our daily lives. But I don't think there are many people who know what it is. In fact, due to its excellent properties, silicone rubber is used not only in daily life, such as kitchen utensils, but also in all industrial fields. For example, tubes for medical drips, electric appliances, pan lids, packing for cooler boxes, etc. The list is endless.
Silicone rubber, which can be used in such a variety of applications, has many characteristics. Silicone rubber is a wonderful material that condenses all the properties that ordinary natural rubber and synthetic rubber could never achieve.

Excellent properties of silicone rubber

Silicone rubber is used in many fields due to its excellent properties.


Compared to organic rubber, silicone rubber shows almost no change in properties even when heated to 150°C. (semi-permanent)
Surprisingly, it can withstand over 10,000 hours of continuous use even in heat of 200 degrees Celsius. (250°C can be used for a short time)

Cold resistance

In the case of general organic rubber, it becomes hard like glass at -20°C to -30°C and breaks when subjected to impact, but silicone rubber maintains its elasticity even under such conditions. This characteristic can be used to manufacture products such as cold-resistant containers.


Silicone rubber has excellent weather resistance. Ozone generated by corona discharge rapidly degrades general organic rubber, but silicone rubber is almost unaffected. In addition, even if it is exposed to ultraviolet rays or wind and rain for a long time, its physical properties hardly change.

Flame retardance

Silicone rubber is said to be difficult to burn even when brought close to a flame, but by adding a small amount of flame retardant, flame resistance and self-extinguishing properties can be imparted. Furthermore, since it does not contain organic halogen compounds, it produces almost no black smoke or toxic gas when ignited, making it an essential safety material for use in closed spaces such as airplanes and subways, as well as inside buildings.

chemical resistance

Silicone rubber has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical resistance. Under high temperature conditions, it exhibits oil resistance superior to that of nitrile rubber and chloroprene rubber, which have particularly good oil resistance. stays between 10% and 15%.

Electrical properties

Silicone rubber has excellent electrical insulation properties of 1 to 100 TΩ·m, and exhibits stable characteristics over a wide temperature range and frequency range. In addition, even when immersed in water, there is almost no deterioration in performance, making it ideal as an insulating material. In particular, it exhibits excellent resistance to corona discharge and arcs at high voltages, and is widely used as an insulating material for areas where high voltage is applied.

In addition, it has many other properties such as physiological inertness, thermal conductivity, water resistance, steam resistance, and radiation resistance.

Why choose SING

Silicone rubber parts and products are used in various fields, taking advantage of the attractive properties of silicone rubber such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility.
In order to respond to such a wide range of silicone rubber needs, we are consistently working on everything from clear preliminary hearings to selection of necessary materials, mold design and manufacturing.


We can handle even small lots.

Unlike mass production line manufacturing such as passenger cars, our company accepts silicone rubber parts used for various purposes from small lots according to customer requests.
By doing so, it is possible to meet the detailed needs of our customers, and we are building an environment where not only machine manufacturers but also general businesses can easily commercialize their ideas.


Can be manufactured regardless of size

At our company, we do not use a manufacturing method that uses liquid silicone rubber called injection, but rather a manufacturing method that applies pressure to a solid material called compression. We can manufacture parts and products of any size, even cm square, if you consult with us.


Can be manufactured from an idea (OEM production)

Many customers have a vague image of what they want to make, even if they have no knowledge of drawings or designs.
At our company, we are focusing on OEM production because we want to create such ideas together. We will consistently support your company's manufacturing, from proposing product shapes to creating drawings and prototypes to production.

*If you have any questions about manufacturing technology, production, or price,FAQ Please refer to.

things that can be made

We mainly manufacture on order from manufacturers and trading companies, as well as OEM production.
In addition to simply manufacturing the ordered product, if necessary, we will hold a detailed meeting in advance, select the optimal material, consider the shape, and give advice from trial production to mass production. Depending on the content, we may recommend a different rubber based on a comprehensive assessment of the rubber as a whole, not just silicone rubber.
As your company's development rubber department, we will support manufacturing together.

Various packing

Making use of the heat and cold resistance of silicone rubber, the lids of rice cookers and parts of pots where the temperature rises. The products manufactured by our company are also used for the packing of refrigerators and freezers.

Switch related

Chemically stable silicone rubber does not easily deteriorate even when exposed, so it is also used for switches. In addition, the production process can be shortened by integrally molding conductive silicone rubber on the back side.

Food processing related

Since silicone is harmless to the human body, it is also widely used in the food sector.
It is used as a mold for beef tallow, a mold for making sweets, and a part of production machinery.

medical parts

Due to its high transparency, low odor, and excellent physical properties, it is used for grommets and bushes of medical equipment.


For long products with a uniform cross section, extrusion molding is recommended.
We also sell standard products such as tubes and packing, and manufacture special products.
* Extruded products are produced by partner companies.

silicone material

We also accept orders for materials, including Popo*s, a phosphorescent silicone rubber.
We handle polymers from various manufacturers, so please feel free to contact us regarding hardness, strength, color, etc.

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