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From industry to life scenes.

We have a factory in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and have been producing industrial parts (made of synthetic rubber) for many years.
Until now, rubber products have often been used in industrial parts, tires, soles, and other parts around the foot. ”, such a thought sprouted.
In 2011, we decided to establish a factory specializing in silicone rubber and develop products for end-users by taking advantage of its characteristics.

Products like parts of life.

The first step of the silicone lifestyle product brand "SiNG" was developed as a desktop tool because it is easy to touch and experience the characteristics of silicone. Combining the no-frills coloring and matte texture typical of industrial rubber, it has a texture that is easier to incorporate into a wide range of scenes in the office and daily life than conventional silicone miscellaneous goods.
We will continue to develop products that are necessary for our lives by taking advantage of the characteristics of silicone.



Tubby Series

tabby series

Factory Series

factory series

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Seamless Key Ring [ ZERO ]

seamless key ring
[ ZERO ]

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Seamless Key Ring [ O ]

seamless key ring

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Tray & Coaster

Tray & Coaster

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Straight Rubber Band

straight rubber band

On Series

on series