About manufacturing technology

Is it possible to specify the color?

Yes. It is possible. From light to dark colors, any color can be reproduced by mixing more than 10 types of pigments. If you want to specify a color, please send us a color sample or the actual product, as it will look different depending on the screen you are using.

Is it possible to specify the material and hardness?

Yes. It is possible. Materials with a hardness of 50° to 60° (durometer hardness) in units called “Shore A hardness” are common and inexpensive, but each hardness can be specified from 10° to 80°, tear resistance, weather resistance, and oil resistance. We handle all kinds of materials, such as those with improved characteristics, etc., so we can flexibly respond to customer requests. Also, even if you do not know which material is best, as a silicone rubber professional, we will accurately propose the material that matches your application.

Is it possible to mix powder into silicone rubber?

Yes. It is possible. We use a millable type rubber compound, so powder can be kneaded together when kneading the material. Materials that can be kneaded include aluminum powder, gold powder, silver powder, copper powder, silica, lame, phosphorescent materials, natural ore powder, magnetic substances, etc., and the characteristics of each material can be imparted to silicone rubber. For example, it is possible to manufacture glow-in-the-dark silicone rubber products by mixing in a luminous agent, and to add magnetism by mixing in black iron oxide. When mixing powder, the powder will inevitably affect the material. In terms of color, it is difficult to make a white product with black powder, even if white pigment is added. (The effect varies depending on the amount of mixture) *Since kneading takes time, additional costs may be incurred. *We ask that you submit MSDS for the supplied materials.

Is silicone rubber vulnerable to tearing and tension?

It is true that general-purpose grade silicone rubber is weaker in tear and tensile resistance than industrial rubber (styrene-butadiene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, etc.), but silicone rubber surpasses it under high-temperature conditions. In addition, since there are various grades of silicone rubber, the problem can be solved by selecting a silicone rubber material that satisfies the required physical properties.

Do you handle rubber other than silicone?

As a manufacturer specializing in silicone rubber, we basically do not manufacture anything other than silicone rubber. We can provide all-in-one support from mold design to product manufacturing based on our knowledge and experience in manufacturing for many years. Silicone rubber is a wonderful material, but depending on the application, it may be better to use other rubbers. In such cases, we will properly propose appropriate materials, including rubbers other than silicone rubber.

About product

Is it possible to have SING products in your store?

Yes, we are always looking for distributors.

Please feel free to contact us.

Where can I buy SING products?

It is sold at direct sales stores such as SiNG STOCK & SERVICE, online stores, and select shops nationwide.

Is it possible to have SING products in your store?

Yes, we are always looking for distributors.

Please feel free to contact us.

Do you sell silicone sheets?

As a standard product of the silicone sheet, there is currently "W300 x D300 x H1mm".

The sheet material is stipulated to be a natural color (milky white) with a hardness of 50° (general-purpose grade).

We also accept requests for materials and sheet colors, so please feel free to contact us.

About production

How much will the mold cost be?

The price of the mold varies from pin to drill depending on the product to be manufactured.

As a factor that greatly changes the amount, "how long it takes to finish digging the mold" is greatly involved.

Molds are usually made by carving out a single piece of large piece of iron with a machine. It takes longer. The longer it takes, the higher the production cost. Is it easy to understand the labor cost of the machine?

For example, if a simple circular coaster (assuming a diameter of 100 x 3 mm) is produced in a single piece, it is possible to manufacture it at the lowest price of less than 100,000 yen, but it is possible to manufacture large and complicated industrial products and , Even if it is small, if the shape is complicated and the design is detailed, there are some that exceed 500,000 yen.

However, the mold used for compression molding using millable type silicone rubber at our company can keep the cost of the mold extremely low compared to injection molding.

How long will it take for production?

If it is your first order, there is a lead time for making the mold, so it takes about a month from receiving the order to delivery.

We will consult with related companies such as mold manufacturers, but we will do our best to meet your requests.

From the next time onwards, we will reply each time while confirming the production volume and the operation status of the molding machine.